The Great Lakes Center offers a variety of lessons for players of all ages and skill level.  We have an outstanding staff made up of coaches from the Sports Performance Volleyball program.  Our most popular lessons are the “group training” lessons where a player can work on a single skill or a series of skills with other players in a setting that most closely resembles an elite level practice setting.  For players who are seeking one on one instruction for a specific skill we also offer a “private” lesson.  If you are a setter, don’t miss our Fall “Setting Academy Group Lesson Series” held every Sunday from 1pm-3pm starting September 8th.  We have flexible scheduling and world class training to help you reach your goals.

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Lesson prices are as follows:

  • 1 hr private lesson = $75
  • 1 hr training group lesson = $35 (2 or more athletes working on same skill)
  • 2 hr training group lesson = $70 (2 or more athletes working on same skill)
  • Skill Video sessions = $95
  • If we have a large number of participants additional coaches will be added to the lesson.

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Appointments by Coach

Click on a coaches name to bring up their individual lessons schedule.

Stephen Hewitt

Appointments by Specific Lesson

Click on a specific lesson to bring up that available schedule. Once the schedule appears you’ll be asked to select your preferred coach. Once you click on a coaches name their schedule will appear.

HS 1st Contact (Boys) -1 hour
HS 1st Contact (Boys) - 1.5 hours
HS Attack/Block/Serve (Boys) - 1 hour
HS Attack/Block/Serve (Boys) - 1.5 hours
HS Setting (Boys) - 1 hour
HS Setting (Boys) - 1.5 hours