Sand Volleyball Program


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We look forward to working with your players on the sand this summer in 2023! Practices will be geared toward teaching skills and strategy unique to sand volleyball, while learning the sports culture that separates it from the closely related indoor game. Practices will be fast paced with focus on technique and repetition to maximize the player’s experience. Players will have the opportunity for 2 on 2 competition and drills to get the full sand volleyball experience.

All program practices will be held at Eola Community Center, 555 S. Eola Rd., Aurora, IL 60504 .

Tournaments are held locally and players can choose how many times during the summer they want to compete. Players may sign up with the same teammate every time they compete, or they may sign up with new teammates each time. This allows for plenty of competition opportunities, and the ability to play with their friends. Tournaments are only single day events, usually lasting about 8 hours, with the winner playing for medals and trophies! Parents and spectators usually find watching a tournament on a beach more enjoyable than in a gym, and who doesn’t enjoy a little sun on the beach!