Sand Program

The Sports Performance program is known for training elite level indoor volleyball athletes. Now we are taking that same successful training model to the beach! Sand volleyball’s popularity has grown on a global scale and is now being recognized also as a junior level sport. Volleyball players are naturally drawn to the game and SPVB wants to give those players an opportunity to learn the skills and culture that are unique to the sand volleyball game.

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For more information on the Sports Performance Sand Program please contact Sand Director Stephen Hewitt at

SPVB will hold practice sessions at Four Lakes in Lisle, IL with a total of approximately four weeks for the program. Practices will be geared toward teaching skills and strategy unique to sand volleyball, while learning the sports culture that separates it from the closely related indoor game. Practices will be fast paced with focus on technique and repetition to maximize the player’s experience. Players will have the opportunity for 2 on 2 competition and drills to get the full sand volleyball experience. Our program is available for junior boys or girls.

Tournaments are held locally and players can choose how many times during the summer they want to compete. Players may sign up with the same teammate every time they compete, or they may sign up with new teammates each time. This allows for plenty of competition opportunities, and the ability to play with their friends. Tournaments are only single day events, usually lasting about 8 hours, with the winner playing for medals and trophies! Parents and spectators usually find watching a tournament on a beach more enjoyable than in a gym, and who doesn’t enjoy a little sun on the beach!

The 2017 Sports Performance Sand Volleyball Program includes a competition jersey. Tournaments are paid for separately by the players on an event basis. Tournament costs are about $25 per player. Players are encourage to participate in as many tournaments as they can during the summer for the maximum experience!