What is Sports Performance Volleyball?

The Sports Performance volleyball program is completely dedicated to providing its athletes with the technical, tactical and physical training to reach their highest possible potential. We will strive to help each and every player regardless of age or ability to achieve maximum performance. The Sports Performance Girls Program, established in 1981, is for girl volleyball players ranging in ages from 13 to 18 in the western suburbs of Chicago.

When are tryouts for the Sports Performance Girls Program?

Sports Performance Tryouts vary based on the age level. For 7th and 8th grade tryouts, it’s usually held the first Sunday in October. The tryout for  9th and 10th-grade tryouts are held the third weekend in October. If a player is playing for their varsity they will need to attend the next Sunday following the conclusion of their HS season. Players cannot tryout until their HS season has concluded.

Does Sports Performance have an athletic trainer in their facility?

Yes, we have an athletic training room courtside that is staffed by a certified and licensed athletic trainer.  The trainers are present at tryouts and practice and assist our athletes with injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Do you have an attendance policy for practices and tournaments?

Yes, we have an attendance policy for practices and tournaments.


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. The payment can be broken down into 4 payments, and if additional help is needed contact the office and ask for accounting assistance.

Are there opportunities for families to work off their account?

Yes, we offer some options for players (officiating youth volleyball, deli work) and parents (deli work, door admission collectors) to work of their payments.  Players in our program eventually can work coaching youth clinics or camps to help pay for the club.

How many players are on each team?

It ranges from 8-11 players per team through all age groups.

How often do the different age groups in the program practice during a week?

-College Prep Advanced (16’s-18’s): 3 practices that are 3 hours a week, 2 hours of conditioning, and 1 extra day of lifting weights

– College Prep (15’s): 3 practices that are 3 hours a week, and 2 hours of lifting/conditioning

-Scholastic Prep (14’s-Below): 3 practices that are 2.5 hours a week, and 1-2 hours of lifting/conditioning


When does the High School Program club season run? When does the GLCYA club season run?

-The High School Program starts at the end of the girl’s high school season which is typically mid to late October and runs through the end of June.

-The GLCYA Program varies due to having a fall, winter, and spring season.

Where are Sports Performance practices held at?

All practices are held at The Great Lakes Center located at 579 North Oakhurst Road, Aurora 60502.

Does the Sports Performance Volleyball Club include a strength and conditioning program?

Yes we do at no additional cost. Also, players who are a part of the program have free access to the weight room over the summer as well.

Is there a fee for trying out?

Yes. The fee is $30 and includes a t-shirt.

When do players find out if they have made the program?

Immediately following the tryout they will be informed if they have made it. There is then a mandatory meeting for parents and players on a following Sunday to go over what being a part of this program means and expects.

How many teams does Sports Performance field per age group?

18’s: 8 teams

16’s: 6-8 teams

15’s: 8-10 teams

14’s: 8-10 teams

13’s: 4-6 teams

12’s & Below: GLCYA/ Varies

When are teams selected?

Teams are selected after 2-3 weeks of practices.

Does Sports Performance help with college recruiting?

Yes. College coaches receive a database of all uncommitted juniors and seniors in our program. We also offer the ability to post a recruiting video on our website.

How do coaches evaluate the athletes during the tryout process?

Coaches evaluate players based off of athletic potential, statistical testing data, and volleyball skills as well.

Does Sports Performance guarantee all athletes have equal playing time?

No, we try with younger age groups to give equal playing time, but when teams are at tournaments competing for gold medals, coaches try to play the players that will put the team in the best position to win.

Where does the program find their coaches?

Sports Performance has a wide variety of coaches including high school coaches, SPVB alumni, coaches trying to get into collegiate levels, etc.

What if my child plays other sports too?

Players are allowed to play outside sports up until the age of 15, because then it becomes too difficult to be fully committed to both sports. We are typically able to work around athletes schedules at younger ages.

How many National Championships has Sports Performance won?

94 AAU/JVA/USAV National Championships

How many All-Americans has Sports Performance had?

-550 AAU All-Americans

-65 Division 1 AVCA All-Americans

How much traveling does Sports Performance teams do?

-Typically teams will have 4-5 travel tournaments.

  • JVA World Challenge
  • AAU’s
  • Additional 2-3 other tournaments